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The movement of heaven is full of power; innovation brings us great fashionable success. Jianye Textile started the business at Xiamen In 1992 and was formally established at Foshan in 2003. In the 20 years’ development, Jianye Textile keeps close up to the pace of the reform and opening up of China. We concentrate on the innovation development of the textile industry, growing from a little factory manufacturing the flocking fabric for men’s clothing to a textile group. Today, Jianye Textile Group has four subsidiary companies: Guangzhou J-Run, Shaoxing Jylong, Shaoxing Jianzhan and Hongkong Jianye and four branch companies located respectively in Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao and Guangzhou. Besides, we set up several offices in Keqiao and New York.

Jianye Textile, the first supplier of fast fashion fabric, relying on fashion design, professional research and development, agile production, quick flexible manufacturing, international standard quality control, intimate customization and perfect supply chain integration, can quickly provide the total solution of popular fabric of best quality for the famous clothing brands in the first time. Our scope of business covers the design, development, production and sale of weaving, printing, lace and embroidery fabrics. These years, Jianye Textile always adheres to the concept of "customers as the center" and grasps the opportunities, resists the risk and creates profits together with our customers.


Jianye textile pays close attention to the popular trend of Paris, Milan and Seoul, popularity is the core value of our products, and fashion is our products’ shining label. As national pattern design and fashion fabric development base, Jianye Textile has a professional design and development team, we create 20 pattern every day, 1000 kinds of cloth every year, 100 crafts every year and the color innovation of Jianye is ahead of the four seasons. We have obtained the silver award of XiaKe cup fabric design competition, CNTAC product development contribution award and were praised as one of the ten new brands of textile clothing industry. For a long time, Jianye Textile cooperates with Europe's top design companies to make our products more forward-looking and popular.


Jianye Textile has three production bases in Foshan, Guangzhou and Shaoxing covering 13 production lines. Jianye Textile has the world's most advanced weaving, printing, dyeing and the supportive equipment. We have a professional and stable production team providing the customization and development service for the medium and high-grade knitting, weft, jacquard and fancy yarn fabric. Jianye Textile has also a professional quality control team and testing center, we get through the ISO9001 comprehensive quality authentication and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 international ecological textile authentication. We strictly control each process of raw materials, crafts and the production, constantly striving for excellence.


We can always grasp the development opportunity, keep pace with the times, insist on innovation and strengthen the standardization management. Jianye Textile have already pushed for full implementation of the informatizatiton and the automation management, we make management level flat through adjusting the organizational structure and effectively improve the efficiency of each link and strengthen the control of the system. Jianye Textile adheres to the principle of "people oriented", implement fair, open and just human-based management, continuously introduce the technology and management talents, and condensed a large number of the textile industry professional elites. Jianye Textile makes learning growth schedule for each employee, organizes different levels of learning and training, and lays a solid foundation for long-term stable development of the company.


Jianye Textile has the departments of domestic trade, international trade, wholesale business, electronic commerce and export agent. We set up branches in Shanghai, Ningbo, Keqiao, Qingdao and New York and can provide to the customers in different regions of different types comprehensive and professional service. Our products have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries and regions. Our customer network spreads all over the country and covers more than 40 countries around the world. With the customer-centric strategy, Jianye Textile creatively introduces the six sigma mode into the customer service area, our customers can not only buy the satisfied products, but also quickly get package solution of popular fabric to seize the market opportunities.

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